Gibson Victory II MV-2 1981 – Candy Apple Red

$ 1800.00

some wear, a couple dings but nothing major mostly paint chipping. Plays amazing, all original. Love the neck on it but it’s a closet queen. kinda a cross between a Strat/tele/LP.

The MVII with it’s double humbuckers and single coil capability was specifically marketed to target a country player. A tele stuck in a strat-esque body.

MVII electronics: Velvet Brick neck humbucker, Magna II bridge humbucker, Coil tap switch, Three position pickup selector

Or were they early versions of a Superstrat?  Either way it was a calibrated move from Gibson to target players that preferred a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster.

Side note- Gibson bragged on the sustain of either model due to the eastern “hard rock” maple. Hats off to the marketing department once again, “hard rock” maple is sugar maple but that name doesn’t have a guitar vibe.