Gibson USA Les Paul Traditional Pro 2012 Heritage Cherry Sunburst (05/31)

$ 2022.97

The 2012 Les Paul Traditional Pro is a more practical version that incorporates modern elements such as the adoption of locking pegs and the installation of coil tap functions, while having the specifications of the Les Paul Standard, which is a modern Les Paul standard with locking pegs and coil taps.

The body side back and neck, and the back of the head have a satin finish. Since the neck is also thinner than usual, it has a C shape, so you can easily handle everything from classic style to shred play, and it boasts high playability. In addition, each Volume pot uses a Push-Pull type and can be coil tapped, covering everything from cool cutting to smooth lead tones.

There is some usability, but there are few dents and it is in a beautiful condition. The playing condition is also good.

Neck condition No problem at present
Truss rod room available
Fret remaining 80% to 70%
String height on 12F 6th string side: Approx. 2.0mm 1st string side: Approx. 1.5mm
Country of origin USA
Year of manufacture 2012
Case Genuine hard case
Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Serial number: 112420466 < br> Weight: 4.34kg

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