GIBSON USA 1996 Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Trans Amber (S/N:6 0060) [01/24]

$ 3311.77

1996New Les Paul Classic Premium Plus arrived.

1990 Premium Plus, a high-end model of the Les Paul Classic manufactured in the 1960s 1 Book.
1960 2010 style slim taper neck, crewon pegs, ARB-1 A model that reproduces the classic Les Paul, such as the bridge and rubber stamp serial number.

Premium Plus uses high-grade maple material for the body top, giving it a classical and gorgeous look.
There is evidence that the pickup has been desoldered once,
both Gibson It is probably an original pickup than the stamp of 496R When500T It seems to be.

There is a slight crack near the back of the nut on the neck.
Also, the jack plate has been changed to a metal part, but it seems that it was replaced in the early days because of the dullness of the parts.

There is evidence that the pickguard was installed, but it is currently removed. Original pickguard is included.

There are fine scratches, light dents, and paint chips near the jack, but considering the age, overall it is in good condition.
The feeling of use gives this guitar dignity as a proof of its long history of survival.

After receiving it, it has been checked and overall adjusted by a specialist in charge of repair, and the performance condition is also good.

It is a model whose price has started to rise in recent years. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Product rank :B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem for normal use
country of manufacture : America
serial number :6 0060
Case : hard case / genuine
weight :3.86 kg
frets rest : 60% ~ 70% degree
truss rod : closing / There is enough room in the loosening direction
neck condition : No problem
Instructions: none
Other accessories : pickguard
Remarks: Other accessories are only those shown in the image.

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Condition: Some scratches, dents and marks.
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