Gibson SG Standard 2019 – Present – Ebony – PLEK’d

$ 1350.00

This is a Gibson SG Standard, which I purchased from Sweetwater on January 24th 2021. Sweetwater listed the guitar at a minor discount with the following description:

Gibson Demo SG Standard, Ebony (SN:200410239)
There is overspray in the finish in both side cutaways, the bass side of the headstock, as well as along the back of the neck. There are cracks in the truss rod cover near the screw holes. There are other fine scratches on various parts of the instrument that do not show up well in our Guitar Gallery images.

I tried to get pictures of the guitar in the sunlight to really show off the paint imperfections. If I’m honest, you can’t see them indoors or in dimmer lighting situations, especially given that the guitar is ebony.

It plays like a rock and roll machine. I had Sweetwater do a Plek Pro Fret Tusq XL Nut Replacement Setup. It’s never left my smoke-free home, and in generally great condition. There are indeed fine scratches across the guitar, most of them don’t show well in photos. There are no imperfections that affect the tone or playability.

I’ve recently acquired a new SG through the Mod shop, so I don’t need this one… My wife won’t let me keep two, you get the idea!

Comes with the original leather Gibson gig bag and case candy. Please message me if you have any questions.