Gibson SG Standard 2001 Brown Burst + Extras

$ 975.00

2001 Gibson SG Standard that has seen plenty of gigs and miles, but still looks phenomenal! Plays like a dream and always gets a comment or two when it comes out of the case. I tried to take detailed photos of all the little nicks and bumps just so that there wouldn’t be any surprises. There are two photos where I tried to capture the buckle rash — but the good news is there isn’t much that’s substantial and it’s hard to see with that particular finish. 

The guitar has had the standard strap hooks replaced with Ernie Ball straplocks. Included in the sale is the all-black hardcase. The case looks like it has also been on the road several times, but it’s still as solid as ever. Of note is the missing screw on the combo lock, and the fact that I’ve completely forgotten the code. It also comes with the guitar stand, two packs of strings, some picks, the little standard multi-tool, and a strap with the straplocks already installed! I’ll throw in two Mogami 1/4″ cables — one of which is the Mogami Gold — for good measure! My hope is that this guitar goes to someone who ensures it will be played. It’s been sitting in various rooms through several moves just gathering dust over the last 5 years. Sad.