Gibson SG Special Faded with Rosewood Fretboard – Worn Brown

$ 849.00

This Gibson SG Faded has sat in its original case for a very long time. It’s time for it to find a home and some love! Plays great, sounds great, is everything you want in an SG. The only notable marks are pick scratches on the guard; other than that, you would be hard-pressed to find anything to fault about this wonderful guitar. Neck plays like butter; action and intonation are amazing. I’m very happy to keep it, but I have too many guitars and not enough time! Feel free to send questions and or request for additional photos!


The Gibson SG Special Faded offers the raw Gibson experience. With a stripped-down finishing process and classic neck profile, the SG Special Faded shreds.Overview-You’ve paid your dues. You’ve built up your calluses. You’ve memorized your chords, and picked a few favorites. You’ve worked on your scales. You took a few guitar lessons, and spent many times as long teaching yourself the guitar parts to your favorite songs. Maybe you’ve even started playing in a band, and played a couple gigs around town. In almost every way, your sound is developing admirably. However, your old guitar isn’t playing any better – maybe you’re getting frustrated with it losing its tuning, or annoying buzz on a couple frets. It’s time to step up to a professional guitar. It’s time to step up to the Gibson SG Special Faded.

Legendary Rock SoundThe SG is quite simply one of the most highly regarded guitars in rock history. Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Duane Allman, Robby Krieger, Eric Clapton – from metal to the blues (and everything in between), the SG has been a companion to some of the music world’s brightest lights. The SG Special Faded carries on in that tradition, offering a beefy tone courtesy of a solid mahogany body and Gibson’s 490 pickup set. This setup – matched with the Faded Special’s beloved 50’s neck – offers an awesome playing experience that only Gibson can offer.

Gibson QualityThe SG Special includes the features that Gibson fans know and love about the company, but at a much lower price. What gives? Well, Gibson has boiled the SG down to its essential elements – keeping vital features like a hand-sanded 50’s neck and solid mahogany body.