Gibson SG Junior 2019 – Present – Vintage Cherry

$ 1350.00

2019 Gibson SG Junior P90 – Heritage Cherry 

One of the last, Gibson don’t currently have this instrument in regular production. That’s a pity, there might not be much to it but there instruments absolutely scream. This one weighs a scant 6lb 4oz, but sings. Every time you pick up the hard case there’s a moment of panic as your brain screams that the case is empty. It’s not, it just weight twice what the guitar inside does. Beautiful, resonant, lightweight, it pushes all the buttons with its antique style dog ear P90. Comes with everything from the factory.

The Gibson 1963 SG Junior’s one-piece mahogany body has a lush and warm character with incredible depth and solid rock ‘n’ roll tone. The hand-filling authentic ’63 Medium-C shaped mahogany neck further enriches the Junior’s sonic character, and it’s capped with an Indian rosewood fingerboard that imparts complex overtones and sparkling highs. Oh yeah, it weighs 6lbs and 4oz. Gibson don’t make these right now, there are more vintage ones for sale then there are modern era ones, often overlooked, also one of Gibson’s rarest and most focused models. 6lb 4oz of screaming single p90 goodness in a lightweight SG body.

Condition 9/10


The guitar in extremely clean condition, it is unmodified in its original hard case including COA, back when Gibson still gave out hard cases with their student level instruments. There are no knocks or dings, no fret wear, only the lightest play wear on the pickguard and the lightest of swirling in the bright, beautiful, nitro finish. There are light, hard to photograph marks around the controls, on the headstock, around the output jack. Most would buff out. The pickguard shows light pick impressions.