Gibson SG Futura – 2014, Inverness Green Fade Vintage Gloss, with Min-ETune

$ 1599.00

This is a beautiful 2014 Gibson SG Futura with an absolutely stunning

Inverness Green Fade Vintage Gloss Finish. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the SG Futura, you’ve been missing out. This is a rare Gibson that is beyond loaded with gadgets including self-tuning robotics, humbucker, Sidewinder P90 pickup, coil splits, and even a volume boost stitch. 

The Min-ETune system is really cool.  You can effortlessly switch between a dozen or so different tunings within seconds.  The humbucker is a great sounding Gibson Burstbucker, and when you pop the coil splits (as seen on photo #13) you can get some very convincing Fender sounds. A Sidewinder P90 is in the neck position, giving you access to the full spectrum rock sounds.  There is basically no sound that can’t be achieved with all these options. The coolest feature by far (even cooler than the Min-ETune) is the volume boost toggle.  As you can see on photo #11, there is an extra mini toggle switch that is hooked up to an internal preamp that gives you a 15db volume boost.  I like to call it the ‘NOS switch.’  Hit this baby when you are going into a solo and hear yourself sail above the rest of the band as you wield the power of Rock. 

As you can see by the side view photos, this is a very thin guitar. This is probably one of the most attractive features because the guitar is very light, especially compared to a Les Paul. For somebody who performs long sets or who has to endure long, drawn-out rehearsals, this guitar is a perfect alternative to a Les Paul or other heavy Gibsons. The ability to dial in so many different tones and easily switch between different tunings also makes this a perfect guitar for somebody performing and a cover band.

The guitar is in perfect working order and as you can see by the photos, the paint is in nearly pristine cosmetic condition. There are some small imperfections as shown on photos #7 and #14 as expected for a guitar of this age. As you can tell from the rest of the photos, the sexy green finish is in excellent condition.

The 140th anniversary inlay on the 12th fret combined with the legendary Gibson crown on the headstock round out this stunning beauty of a guitar. Unique, versatile, and beautiful. What more can you ask for?

Since it’s a neck through guitar, it will ship in a used Gibson SG case free of charge. Did I mention free shipping in the US also? Stand out at your next gig, rehearsal or recording session and unlock the depths of your unique sound.