Gibson SG Exclusive 1979 – Added 3rd Humbucker

$ 2349.00

Less than 500 of these Gibson SG Exclusives were made in 1979, this guitar started life as one but over the years has been heavily modified. What I believe to be original is the bridge , tuning machines , truss rod cover , frets and obviously the neck/body. I’m not positive but I believe everything beyond that didn’t originally come on this guitar. It’s been modified with Seymour Duncan SH-8’s (Invaders ), not just 2 in the factory locations but an additional 3rd in the middle position. The bridge and middle position are SH-8B’s for bridge position. The neck pickup is an SH-8N. Whoever routed for the middle pickup did a great job, it looks nearly identical to the routing for the bridge and neck position pickups. All other electronics are also unoriginal. The wiring harness was replaced with a Mojotone harness, 500k pots , cloth wiring and Mojo Dijon cap. The electronics work great. How it is wired is the 3 way pickup selector does- bridge/middle position, all pickups and then neck/middle- of course a new owner can modify it further to include more positions such as just bridge and just neck positions etc. . In fact their are 2 holes between the 4 knobs, these have been covered with 2 little plastic costume style black jewels. The holes underneath go into the electronic cavity , I believe at one time these housed mini switches for more pickup variety and can again if you chose. The black pickguard is not original but in great shape. The bridge is original and in nice shape with fine tuners and stamped Gibson USA on bottom. The original Grover tuners are in nice shape as well. 

The guitar has been refinished, I believe originally it was black and was resprayed black again, probably why the middle pickup position that was added has black paint covering the added routing. The respray makes the serial number extremely difficult to see, you have to angle it in the light and get really close. Upon looking at it I was able to make out a serial that dated it to May 15th 1979. You can also barely see the Made in USA text. I’m assuming when they resprayed it they didn’t clean the old paint out of the stamping and the new paint just went right on top making the serial almost obscured. Now why was it ever repainted/modified ? It appears it suffered a neck break in not just 1 spot but 2. I’m not sure when the original damage happened but it was before the refinish. I’m also not positive when the refinish happened but it was before 2010. The previous owner purchased it in 2010 and rarely played it, he told me it was exactly as it appears when he bought it, I chatted with him awhile and believe his claim. It’s hard to figure out exactly what happened but it looks like the neck was broken at the heel. I can see lines on both sides of the neck heel but see no damage to the fretboard or binding. The headstock also appears to have probably at the same time suffered a crack , this is harder to see then the heel crack. I don’t think the headstock came off entirely as I see no damage from the front. Obviously this damage occurred before the repaint. The refinish job was done very well , they could have hidden the repairs entirely but didn’t , perhaps the owner didn’t want to pay more to do so or didn’t want to represent it as flawless. The repair has held strong, as they say the glue is stronger than the wood and being that this paint job was done prior to 2010 the repairs have held solid. The finish as I said was done very well , I’ve been playing the guitar often so it has finger prints and dust in the photos. Their are some fine scratches and marks but overall it’s a nice looking finish. The guitar has been polished , fretboard oiled and restrung since these photos were taken, this week in fact. After I removed the old strings I took photos of the fretboard unobstructed as well as the underside of the pickups. The frets are wide, flat with some crown and the fret nibs are still there. It appears it’s never been refretted but possibly leveled once. This guitar has a very skinny neck. It also plays great with low action. It doesn’t need anything to be enjoyed but also as noted it’s able to be customized further without having to worry about its vintage or “exclusive “ rarity. It’s a players guitar but a great player. I have listed it in fair condition due to the repairs and modifications its had over the years but the paint itself is in good shape.

Included is a rather rare , Gibson rectangular case. These are going for 2-$300 themselves on reverb. This one is in decent shape , not perfect but it will get the job done.