Gibson SG Angus Young Signature Black Electric Guitar Preowned – 035790477

$ 3702.04

While this guitar is in very good condition, there are some tiny marks located on the back of the guitar near the control plate, under the bridge and on the upper horn as well as some buckle rash which make this guitar look used.

Angus Young SG
Classic rock doesn’t get much bigger than AC/DC, and no one wallops out the massive, bone-crunching tone like Angus Young on his Gibson SG. Young’s incendiary tone has inspired wave after wave of rock guitar heroes, and turned on countless players to the power of his seminal guitar of choice, the SG. Now the Gibson USA Angus Young SG puts all the tone and playability of this classic double-cutaway into a signature model made to Young’s own specs. The result is an instrument with all the punch, crunch and sizzle that Angus achieves with his treasured SG, in a guitar that’s still well within reach of the workaday rocker.

Way back in 1961, the Gibson SG replaced the underappreciated Les Paul Standard, and while the Les Paul would surface later in the decade as a rock and blues classic, the new SG (originally named Les Paul/SG) was an instant hit in its own right. Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, while its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability.

The Gibson USA Angus Young SG not only captures the look, feel and sound of a great SG, it also embodies some of the rare specs and qualities of Angus’s own ’68 model, known to be a stand-out example among a classic breed. Back, black and ready to rock, the Gibson USA Angus Young SG puts the full fury of that classic AC/DC tone in your hands.

Product Features

  • Solid lightweight mahogany top
  • Angus’s extra slim, narrow neck profile
  • Ebony fingerboard with Angus-certified “lightning bolt” inlays
  • ’57 Classic humbucking pickup in the neck and Angus Young Signature humbucker in the bridge
  • Vintage-style tuners with pearloid keystone buttons