Gibson SG 70’s 24 Fret Tribute Min-Etune 2013 – Factory finish was never good on this guitar

$ 1175.00

I am the original owner.
This 2013 Gibson made in USA 24 Fret SG has seen little play, it is lightly played.

The Min-Etune works perfectly.

Dirty Finger pick ups.

Includes new Hardshell case because then I know that the guitar will be safe in shipping. A new hardshell case cost $200… so that is factored into the price. If you can’t do the math on that, that’s okay, some one else can and will.

Condition is Excellent except that the finish of this Gibson was never excellent, far from it, so for this reason I must say it is very good condition. Look at any of this model and you’ll read the same thing about the factory finish.

The factory finish of this guitar is what Gibson refers to as its ‘Vintage Gloss’ nitrocellulose finish. In the flesh, this is a pleasing off-the-gun thin satin nitro, complete with grain sinkage, that hasn’t been cut back or buffed to a mirror-like sheen. Straight out of the gig bag, (this originally came with gig bag, but I always get hard shells for my electrics, and so this comes with a new hard shell that also makes sure it ships safely) the guitar feels more akin to a well-used workhorse than the traditional gloss, it has an immediate pick-me-up-and-play-me appeal. And from my personal view, this finish was bad from day one, very thin. But, it’s a rock player thoroughbred, not a wallflower.

The ’70s Tribute SG has Dirty Fingers pickups fixed to a thin, light guitar, there’s a much less smothering response. They are loud, but there’s more air and more treble content, and as a result this is one badass hard rock guitar that’s a pleasure to throw around.

Min-Etune functionality: Some players will sneer at the mere idea, but anyone who does a lot of studio recording or uses multiple tunings in a live scenario will appreciate it.

24 frets isn’t exactly a specification that’s particularly rooted in the ’70s, but the uniquely generous upper-fret access afforded by the SG’s design does mean that you have easy access to the full two octaves.

This model of the Gibson SG came without a scratchplate, but this guitar gets away with it. Light weight, easy access, great neck profile, seriously raunchy acoustic tones.