Gibson SG 1968 – Alpine White

$ 10000.00

This 1968 Gibson SG I described as “very good” but I believe it is in excellent condition because, this guitar is 56 years old 100% original and there are no cracks, breaks, repairs, or any other issues. There is some finish checking, very minor chips or scratches. I’ve tried to picture everything notable. All electronics are original, working and never been soldered or removed. I bought this in 1988 and just added it to my collection. I have not played this guitar more than 1 hour since buying it. I do not have the original case as I never did. I have searched to find a better condition 1968 SG and have not found it yet. Thanks

I don’t know why there are specs listed on my item that are not correct, I did not add them. Basically just the “Large Guard” I don’t know why it’s there.

Also, I’ve never used the vibrola. That’s why it’s not strung but it is original and working order.