Gibson S Series M2 Melody Maker Style 2017 Phantom Grey

$ 779.00

This is a clean example of the “Melody Maker style” M2 from the short lived Gibson S Series lineup. The Phantom Grey (appears to show some light blue characteristics) is arguably the best color choice compared to some of the very bright Citron and Strawberry Milk nitros it was up against.

These M2 models offer a Gibson at a reasonable price point and this one comes with an upgraded bridge which remedies the tilting / pulling of the bridge many users complained of when these guitars first came to market. I’ve tried to show any blemishes the best I can.
•Small chip near input Jack
•Finish wear around the strap button on the upper horn
• penpoint-size dimple in wood above the bridge
•imperfection in finish above bridge pickup area
•Gibson pointed “ear” on the bass side of the headstock has a chip in the black paint

The original gig bag and case candy is included.

Please contact with any questions or requests for other photos.

**Yeti Cooler is not included in sale. It is seen in the pictures merely for staging purposes to get the most out of the camera angle and lighting for accurate photos**