Gibson RD Standard 1978 Blonde

$ 4000.00

I F’N love these Guitars ❤️‍🔥!! , and I haven’t seen many/ any around for quite a while now. I see Artist and Customs a lot ,but not these electronically Moogless RD Standards. These slick machines got the passive tar back humbuckers I believe, and they sound great👂. Check out the photo of the specs. 25 1/2” scale rosewood neck that feels amazing. Fairly thin between the thumb and fingers🤌 but a bit on the wide side from E string to E string. Has sweet Grover tuners and comes with what I think is the awesome looking original case! It’s a player and has the dings and dents to prove it. One knob has a crack inside it but doesn’t affect it at all.I’m gonna price it toward what I consider to be the high side because I haven’t seen 👀a Standard up for sale in a while. So yikes!,don’t be scared Scooby Doo and make an offer on this crazy Norlin era mystery machine Enjoy👨🏻‍🍳!