Gibson Prototype JH CS336 #2 Custom Shop CS 336 2016 Jon Herington

$ 6750.00

Gibson Custom Shop CS 336 F (Figured Top) 2016 Jon Herington Prototype #2

Jon Herington is a longtime New York city based guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, bandleader, and educator. He has been the guitarist of choice with the iconic band Steely Dan for both recording and touring since 1999. Jon has six solo releases in his discography, the most recent of which, (quiet), is a collection of 18 of his many arrangements for solo guitar. An earlier release of Time On My Hands earned him a nomination for Vintage Guitar Hall Of Fame Album of the Year.

When this guitar came in, I reached out to Jon Herington. Jon was gracious to email me back with some info on his prototype. Gibson and Jon got together to see if they could come up with an Signature Jon Herington guitar based on Jon’s beloved 2001 CS336 with a few design changes Jon preferred. Unfortunately the Signature line never came to fruition. Gibson had made 2 JH prototypes based on Jon’s ideas. Jon still has prototype JH CS336 #1. Gibson held on to JH CS336 #2 for a few years before letting it go to a unnamed high end collector.

I’ve always found it a little annoying when you see a prototype that isn’t very special. Perhaps a color change of sometimes no difference at all from the line guitars. Jon didn’t do that. Jon poured so many unique features into this guitar. I’ll try to list the ones I have found.

Relocated pickup switch to upper horn. If you play a lot of Les Paul this position seems very familiar.

Push/pull coil split in the volume pot to split the pickup coils.

3 Inline volume tone pots.

VOS Finish (I think this predates Murphy Lab)

Something I’ve never seen before, a satin/matte finished back of neck with a gloss finish stinger (see photos) plays and feels like butter.

The guitar has a Custom Shop VOS finish which ages the look of the guitar (Finish, pickup covers, etc.)

There might be other things that didn’t jump out to me but these are the main prototype differences.

Guitar is in basically unplayed condition. There are so scuffs on the pickguard for some reason but other than that this guitar is in collectable condition and is a piece of Gibson History. I don’t think Jon is going to sell his #1 anytime soon but you can own Prototype JH CS336 #2.

I’ve found and included a video of Jon playing what appears to be his Prototype JH CS336 #1

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have about this guitar