Gibson N225 2013 – Limited Edition Rick Harris Pinstripe

$ 1999.99

Ok, let’s not beat around the bush. This guitar is rare, in immaculate shape, and gorgeous. Every once in a while the folks at Gibson have a good idea. Then guy Gibson keeps threatening to fire escapes from the basement, and then Gibson has a truly brilliant idea. The 2013 Gibson N225 is a master class in classic rock design, off the charts specs, and just a dab of throwing the rule book into the burning pit.

This guitar comes equipped with a classic Gibson P90 in the neck and a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge, giving you everything from clean to crunch (and dirty should you so desire… you should desire). Let’s not fool ourselves, the all maple body and neck make this beauty a heavy honey, over 8lbs (for a semi-hollow). Let’s also not fool ourselves, if you’re looking at this guitar, you are a Gibson fan, and we Gibson fans like our guitars like we like our music; heavy. The 12 inch radius, 60’s slim neck profile, 24.75 inch scale length, and rosewood fingerboard also just work so well on Gibson guitars. If you have played any Gibson LP, you’ll feel right at home on this neck and fret board. The Limited Edition Rick Harris Pinstripe finish also kicks it up 10 notches w/ that classic Americana vibe, and to top it all off they even threw in the iconic Gibson diamond inlay in the head stock. While some people complain about the Maestro Vibrola bridge, a little restraint and a lack of dive bombs goes a long way with staying in tune.

Lastly, this guitar is in amazing shape. This guitar has never been modified in anyway. Pick ups, bridge, tuning keys, and strap buttons are all original and where they should be. NO HOLES DRILLED! The ONLY reason this guitar is not listed as Mint is because I have taken it out of the case and actually played it.

Comes with original hard-shell case, Gibson checklist, Owner’s Manual, and adjustment tool.