Gibson Midtown Standard 2015 – Pelham Blue

$ 1812.39

Incredible guitar that I’ve owned for the last couple of years. It plays beautifully with a really low action.

The tuners were professionally replaced by Rainbow Music to replace the auto tuner original version that came with it (previous owner had this done)

The guitar is pretty much immaculate, other than the checking that is appearing near the knobs as you can see in the photo. This is standard with the metallic finish on this era of guitar. It’s just markings under the lacquer. There is also some checking around the outside of the guitar. There are signs of use where the strum guard would be, but these can only be seen at certain angles and I’m assuming this could be polished out.

The nitrous paint has started to take to the wood on the neck and on the back of the guitar and it looks incredible.

Fire over any questions if you have any. I’m open to sensible offers.

I’m reluctant to post, so local sale will be preferred so you can try it before you hand over the cash (I’m fairly sure that as soon as you play it, you’ll want it). I’ve not looked into postage, so I’ve put £50, but if you’ve used a service before and can recommend, and it’s insured feel free to reach out.

Comes with the Gibson hard case too.