Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-175D Reissue VOS Vintage Natural 2016

$ 4791.38

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MEMPHIS 1959 ES-175D VOS 2016 Beauty old-fashioned products are in stock.

This model is a model that reproduces the 1959 specifications, and the royal road specifications are reproduced, such as a fat grip that is fat with 2 hambucker specifications.
Hyde glue (Nikawa) neck joints, tube brassas rods, Adirondak spruce bracing, and roll necks with smooth performance.
The capacitor is “Bumble Bee”, and the pickup is equipped with a MHS pickup without impregnation, adopts a custom CTS pot, and has a stunning finish full of the ultimate reprint model.

The raw sound that sounds lightly and well is also wonderful, and if you plugin, it will give you a moderately dry and thick high -quality sound with a rich overtone.

Here, the feeling of use is small and the whole is beautiful and good. The neck condition is good, there is a truss rod room, and the remaining 80 % of the frets and the performance surface are good. A general hard case / certificate is included.

The valuable Memphis Historic Series ES-175 Beautiful goods that are very low! By all means at hand.

Body: Laminated Maple Top & Back
Neck: Mahogany/50’s Round
Fingerboard: Rosewood 22FRETS
Hardware: Nickel
Pickup: MHS Humbucker
Control: 2Volume-2TONE-3WAY TOGGLE SW
Weight: 3.03kg
Accessories: General -purpose HARD CASE, certificate


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