Gibson Melody Maker 2003 – 2006

$ 2000.00

I got this guitar around 2017 from a guy who played this guitar. I have not changed the pickups on it or anything else. I am not sure if this is the original pickup for the guitar or the original wiring or ANY of the parts are original in it. I am NOT SURE. So please understand when buying this listing, that you read this and you are made aware!

I am selling it AS IS.

It has been in a case for years. Been babied, but there are some imperfections on the guitar. Just some of the paint chipped off but as long as I remembered, it has been there from the original owner I had gotten it from.

It plays great and it’s ready to see a live crowd.

I hate to see her go, but this pretty blue guitar needs a better owner than me.
Price isn’t firm, only there for attention and i am open to offers. Comes with a softcase but will be packed by FedEx by them and will make sure it is packed firmly.