Gibson Marauder with Rosewood Fretboard 1975 – 1977 Natural

$ 1675.00

1975 Gibson Marauder with S1 (swimming pool) routing for any pickup combo.
This has a late style pickguard for standard dual humbuckers instead of the off slant mini humbucker many feel sounds harsh and of course cannot be changed or upgraded without chopping up the pickguard or making a custom one. The pickups are Seymour Duncan 59N and OBL blade bridge pickup. The OBL pickup is 5 wire so it can be split or use a phase switch, its similar to the Bill Lawrence XL-500 but a little hotter. The reason I went with this pickguard style is I think the early pickguards were ugly, no offense to fans of the earlier style, also it interchanges with my Gibson S1. You get a discount if you buy both the S1 and Marauder and have a Les Paul and Strat type sound with the same body/neck style.
Frets are in excellent shape
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Custom aircraft aluminum neckplate.