Gibson Marauder Custom 1976 Cherry Sunburst ~ Rare Model with Bound Neck and Block Inlays

$ 1999.00

Up for grabs is a 1976 Gibson Marauder Custom.  The Custom model is quite a Rare find.  Published Gibson shipping totals suggest there were less than 100 Marauder Customs shipped.  The Custom featured a Bound Neck with Block Inlays as opposed to the unbound dot inlays of the standard model.  Most Customs also featured a Sunburst Finish.  The model is often referred to as the Paul Stanley Kiss model for his use of the instrument in the 1970s and his name being used in Gibson’s Marauder Custom advertisements.  

This Marauder Custom is in players condition with some changes.  It has nicks, dings, and play wear.  The Original pickups are intact.  The pots and pickguard are newer.  The original cracked pickguard is included.  The original body pickguard holes have been doweled and filled in the past.  The guitar has been refretted and plays well.  The bridge and tuners are newer with an extra tuner hole visible on the back of the headstock.  Some newer screws.  There is overspray on the headstock as it appears to be a possible attempt to protect the Gibson logo.  I do not see any headstock cracks or crack repairs.

Included is a hardshell case as pictured and the aforementioned original pickguard.  A cool Rare Gibson Marauder Custom guitar.