Gibson Lucille BB King 1993

$ 5250.00

Gibson produces the ES-335, ES-345 and the ES-355. This guitar is based directly on the top of the line ES-355. The main difference is it lacks sound holes to mitigate feedback at high volumes. There is also a six-way “varitone” switch which offers a variety of additional sounds. This particular instrument is virtually unplayed. There are no scratches, dents or defects of any kind. There is zero fretware. The gold hardware is like new with zero tarnish or corrosion. It has had a professional setup so the action is extremely low and fast, with no buzzing. The guitar speaks very clearly. It has an ebony finger board, and stereo capability. The tailpiece has six fine tuners. The cherry finish is beautiful and the body and neck are bound with multiple layers. The condition of this guitar is perfect which is amazing since it’s 31 years old. I will include a guitar strap and a fresh set of strings. This guitar sells new for between $7000 and $8000.