Gibson Limited Edition Vampire Blood Moon Explorer 2011 – Ebony/Red

$ 2700.00

Saw this guitar for sale [used] about 4 years ago and had to have it because it is a badazz guitar. I have only played it for a few hours as it was mainly purchased for collection purposes. As far as I know, everything is still in good working condition and will be sold as is with no returns or refunds. I recently retired and I play very little due to health purposes so I’m downsizing the herd. You can look up Gibson “vampire blood moon” Explorer for the details of this guitar ,swamp ash body, active pickups [has a 9V battery], etc. To the best of my knowledge , this guitar is as it came from the factory. There are some nicks and or scratches & I tried to get any noticeable damage on guitar and the factory case in the pictures. Will pay shipping to the lower 48 contiguous U.S. states up to $150.00 .