Gibson Limited Edition Firebird I 2019 – Silver Mist

$ 2800.00

This is the 2019 Gibson Limited Edition Firebird I in silver mist in excellent condition. The only reason this is not a mint piece is because at some point, regrettably under my ownership, a sudden rise in room temperature a few winters ago caused a good amount of checking in the nitro finish, almost exclusively where any metallic parts are in contact with bare wood – tuners, screws, knobs and input jack. I made sure to get angles so the checking is reflecting the most amount of light, it is not as pronounced or dramatic as presented, but it obviously is there.

Aside from that unfortunate blemish, this guitar is in tip top condition with no dings, cracks, scratches, etc. – it is free from any cosmetic or structural damage otherwise, and it plays and sounds like a dream! It is exactly what you would expect from a neck-through-body with a single mini humbucker – the lack of a neck pickup cavity and the solid one-piece wraparound lightning bridge means sustain for days!! The intonation is incredibly accurate as well, so you don’t have to swap the bridge for something adjustable. The mini-humbucker is pretty versatile, it straight up screams or you can dial it back and get a little jangle and articulation.

I am the 2nd owner of this and it comes with the original case and all the case candy, the tuners were swapped for locking Grovers by the original owner, but the original Grovers are included too if you care to swap and drop them back in.

I operate a small guitar repair shop, so this also just got a fresh fret dress, full set-up and new .010”-.046” gauge strings.

And just for a fun backstory: The first guitar I built with my father was a neck-through-body, single pickup guitar and it got stolen out of a tour trailer in late 2019, so I purchased this Firebird I as a replacement. (A great-but-also-lousy excuse to buy a guitar I’ve always wanted, and didn’t have to shell out for a custom shop model!) So fast forward to early 2023 after I had also completed building a replacement, my stolen guitar turned up on Instagram!!!!! It has been almost a year now since I got it back and the Firebird just made its way out of the rotation, and it is too cool and rare of a guitar to hold onto if it never comes out of the case.