Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro-Wine Red – Original Tolex Case

$ 1899.00

2015/2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro Wine Red, it is stamped 2015 USA but the serial dates it to 2016 so I assume late 2015 production as it seems to have more 2016 features. I believe this is the Traditional Pro III as it has the coil splitting pots and the pickup cavity is marked LPTP36 but it’s possibly an IV not sure how to tell the difference between a III and IV.

It is in excellent condition with just a few small marks of wear to it. All electronics are stock and this has coil splitting pots from the factory so you can get that single coil tone or traditional humbucker. It has been upgraded with a roller saddle bridge (don’t have the original) and nice hand cut bone nut. You’ll also notice something on the headstock, this is called a String Butler V3. This can be removed if you dislike it and it will leave behind no trace , it doesn’t use screws to be installed on the guitar but mounts under the high and low E tuning machines. These allow the strings to travel straight farther after the nut rather then pulling at an exaggerated angle towards the D and G strings and helps with tuning stability. These are $50 new and i have been trying it out as a novelty but this guitar has locking tuners stock so I don’t think it’s necessary at all but this guitar does stay in tune great. This Les Paul has the slimmer 60s neck and plays great with low action and no fretting out. The frets are in excellent condition. It’s finished in a very beautiful wine red color. The top of the guitar is high gloss finished while the sides and the back is satin. The rear of the neck is also a satin finish which helps the nitro finish not feel sticky while playing. The cosmetic condition of the guitar is very clean. Their are a few small marks in the finish around the nut from the removal of the old one but nothing serious. The old nut chipped and replacing was the best option. Also 1 tiny finish chip on the back body edge about the size of the tip of a pin. It has a small ding under where the pickguard would be and also a few slight scratches on the back, all photographed.

It comes with the stock gibson Tolex shape in excellent condition and a nice leather Gibson Austin model strap. This strap is very heavily padded and was $150 itself, it has Schaller strap locks on it that attach to the Schaller buttons on the guitar. Also as seen I do have the pickguard.