Gibson Les Paul Studio, Factory case and paperwork, Nice specimen, Smokehouse burst

$ 1095.00

I have a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Studio here in the very cool color of smokehouse burst. This one comes with its deluxe factory soft case and picture paperwork.

This one has one notable upgrade. The Sweetwater team professionally upgraded it with a bone nut. It is an excellent install and looks and plays great. I will include the original to.

The body top shows one small little ding right on the upper body edge tummy area. About a millimeter or so in size pretty small. I found a couple handfuls of more minute dot size little surface indentations on the body top some as small as the size of a sharp pencil tip. There is scattered surface swirling type superficial signs of use but no buildup of any major playwear or any notable marks on the body top.

The body sides/edges shows no major marks. I found about a handful of small surface indentations about 1 to 3 millimeters in size. Near the input jack area I see some surface stuffing a moderate amount of that. And a degree of light surface swirling type signs of usage scattered here and there. But no major accumulated playwear.

The body back shows a cluster of surface indentations. This is in the lower central body back middle part. So these will appear as just little dot like bumps that do not break the Finish but lightly press into the Finish. About a millimeter or two in size on average. So I see sort of a cluster of that forming pattern playwear about a couple inches of pattern playwear. Beyond that I see some small surface patches of scuffing. And then typical light swirling type playwear. I did not find any singular bad dings or penetrating finish scratches or large marks. It’s mostly just that cluster I noted of surface pattern playwear.

The neck is more along the lines of excellent condition. I found one minute surface indentation about a millimeter or size on the neck shaft contour but no notable playwear or marks in that area. There is very faint surface swirling type scratches on the back of the headstock but I did not find any chips or dings or any notable playwear there as well. There is no fretwear the setup plays outstanding. The electronics are stock and working perfectly.

So this one rates an 8.3/10 and grades as very good. I found some surface playwear mostly small dot like indentations scattered here and there as noted. It does still have an attractive look to it throughout the gloss finish looks nice and lustrous. The neck is an excellent condition and the playability is absolutely fantastic on this one so I’m guitars play good some guitars play great this one plays great.

Gibson has made so many guitar models that it can be confusing to dial into what is the best one for you. Even determining what is the best Les Paul. This one makes it real simple. At this price point this is an excellent all around Les Paul with all the tonal traits you want in an LP. I feel it’s a big step above the cheaper special, Tribute and LPJ and other budget models. It is just below a Standard. Sorta a no frills version of a Standard. It has the familiar big spacious sound that a Les Paul is known for. Warm from the wood. And also has coil tap function.

Note that this listing may come down at anytime as I am a multi-platform seller and do sell locally as well in an effort to keep sales fluid. State sales tax will be charged on Reverb sales when applicable, so factor that in to your purchase.

I will immaculately pack it as well. I use quality shipping boxes, ample tape on all sides. And sufficient bubble wrap filler and bracing inside the box. And always Marked/denoted as fragile. I generally detune guitars 1/2 half step prior to shipment as well if needed.

Thank you for reading and considering!