Gibson Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute 2013 Goldtop with SD “High Voltage” pickups

$ 1289.19

2013 Gibson Les Paul 60’s tribute goldtop with SD Angus
Young “High Voltage” pickups and hard case.

Beautiful to look at and to play, this slim taper neck
Gibson has had the following upgrades:

Original pickups replace with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
Angus Young signature pickups – cost $600

Original tuners replaced with Kluson “Revolution” locking
tuners – cost $200

Original wiring harness relaced with top quality ‘String
Switch Noise’ harness – switchcraft jack, CTS pots with treble bleed – cost $120

Original black plastics replaced with all cream – cost
approx. $100

This guitar is weight relieved so you won’t get a sore back
and the neck action is low. Needless to
say, it sounds great. If I still had a
band to play it in, I would keep it! No
low ball offers please.