Gibson Les Paul Studio 2001 – Desert Burst

$ 750.00

Les Paul Studio 2001 Desert Burst. I’m the original owner.

Modifications that have been made to the original guitar:

  • Bridge, saddle and tuners have been replaced (all OEM Gibson parts)
  • Original humbuckers were replaced with Bartolini PBF-49 and PBF-51 humbuckers in approximately 2005. I no longer have the original humbuckers.
  • All original pots were replaced with CTS 500k pots, except the neck tone pot, which is a CTS push/pull pot. The push/pull was wired for coil tapping.
  • Switch and knob cavity lined with copper foil for grounding.

The guitar body and neck is in excellent condition with the exception of one small gouge on the high E string side of the neck, near where it joins the body (see picture). The guitar has never had any breaks to the neck or body, nor has the guitar needed any repairs for any reason. Always stored in the case when not in use. The guitar was used in smoke-free, temperature controlled environment.

Original combination lock hard case included, which is in very good condition.

Included are the original Gibson inspection tag with model and serial number, truss rod wrench, pick guard (it was never installed on the guitar), combo lock instructions, and small hex wrench for adjusting bridge saddles.