Gibson Les Paul Studio 1990 – 1997

$ 850.00


This guitar was just set up, including strings, intonation, and electronics by Eric’s Guitars here in the Sound City complex in Los Angeles. Currently strung up with D’Addario 10-46’s. It’s in perfect working order, and plays great! It has been used on gigs, and more albums than can easily be recalled over the past 25 years. Never a problem, and we wouldn’t be parting with it, but it’s time to let go of some of our duplicate pieces!

Here are the details of the life of this guitar. It was purchased it in 1998. Everything is stock with the following exceptions:

-The tuners have been replaced with Ping tuning pegs. The originals were hosed when we bought it.
-It was missing the pick guard at the time of purchase. The reason for which we’ll get to.
-It has been outfitted to take strap locks. A strap with strap locks is included. The original strap mounts and screws are also included with the guitar in case you’d like to switch it back.

The previous owner had added a Bigsby tremolo bar to the guitar, which was how it was outfitted when we got it. The pick guard interfered with the tremolo bar, so they removed the guard. Our interest in the guitar was always that it played well, and sounded good. So it was never replaced. They are easily found, and the mounting holes are still there (see photo).

The mounting holes for the Bigsby are also (sadly) still there. But again, it never affected the sound/playability. And there are a few dings, and scratches from its 30 years of life. I’ve posted photos of the more significant ones.

Hardshell case is included.