Gibson Les Paul Special DC w/ P90’s 2005 – Worn Cherry

$ 1599.00

This LP Special is in great condition, sounds fantastic and has really great action. Currently installed with 11’s. Finish is “Faded Worn Cherry” – IOW, satin not gloss. It’s reddish brown and sunlight really makes the color and grain pop. There are a couple mineral streaks on the front and back which give it some uniqueness, as well.

There are a few very light scratches on the front and back. Most do penetrate the finish so they do not photograph well. There is one finish flaw on the back of the neck from playing (around the 14th fret or so). That said, this is a used guitar and while the finish is in great shape it is not flawless by any means.

The pickguard and back plate have been lightly sanded to remove their original gloss to match the satin finish on the guitar.

All mahogany with the 60s slim taper neck. Original tuners were swapped for Gibson Deluxe (I do not have whatever came on the stock guitar) and Schaller strap locks were installed.

No breaks or repairs of any kind. If you are after the Rick Beato Signature this guitar will get you most of the way there minus the insane markup price 🙂

7.13 lb. Includes non-Gibson hard shell case.