Gibson Les Paul Special 2021 – Present – Olive With Case

$ 1995.00

I bought this beauty directly from Gibson… the only people to ever play it were the guy that built it, and me. This guitar has seen less play time, than many being sold as ‘new’ in big center for guitar stores!!! Still smells like the paint booth!

I bought it because I wanted a P-90 guitar, and something a little different without being ‘too different’ … love the look, love the tone! I will probably never have another one, and will probably regret selling it, but just clearing the closet.

Guitar plays, sounds, and looks fantastic!! I am not in a band so this has never been gigged …. It is almost in unplayed condition, except for the occasional sofa strum.

Includes original hard case (paint scuffs on case, from closet storage,that can maybe be removed) also all the original papers and tool it came with …. Even a photo of it, on the final assembly work bench!!!

Sale is to the USA, only….. only to confirmed buyers with confirmed addresses… as with every guitar I’ve ever sold, I include a disclaimer, that the guitar plays well, but may need a set up, to your environment, play style, and preference. (I’ve never had a complaint)