Gibson Les Paul Special 2015 – TV Yellow

$ 1350.00

2015 Gibson Les Paul Special. Les Paul 100 Series with the wide neck. Robotuners have been replaced with Grover tuners. The P90s are just great sounding thru my early 60s Princeton or using my Helix. Great sounds all over the place with just volume, tone and a pickup selector. The P90s respond great and can give you those nice dark bluesy tones and even jazz territory on the neck pickup. It’s not heavy at all, I am 67 and can play a gig standing up no problem. No sore shoulders waiting here. The neck is nice and quick and the setup on it has relatively low action. I like all of my guitars that way. I don’t want to work harder than I need to. It’s currently got Ernie Ball .09 thru .42 which suit the guitar fine. It had tens on it when I got it and they worked fine too. Please ask for more photos if you have questions before you buy. I will do my best to help you make an informed decision. there are 3 spots to be aware of damage. It has an obvious chip on the edge of the guitar below the volume knob. It has a small ding on the upper corner of the headstock, bass side and a dent between the tailpiece and the strap button on the face of the guitar. That’s what I see. I really like this one and would keep it but I have a pinky finger that’s just way shorter than my ring finger and it really slows me down reaching for the lower strings at times. Otherwise I love the wide neck, makes string dampening much easier as well as giving just a tiny bit more room so you aren’t deadening things you don’t want to. You could do most gigs with this guitar, enjoy playing the gig and not be worn out by it when you get home. Really sweet guitar after ditching the Robotuner. I DO NOT HAVE THE ROBOTUNER UNIT. I do have it on and sg from this year and it will get changed out soon. Please ask any questions before buying. I try to be prompt with my responses as well as getting you your product when you buy. Happy playing.