Gibson Les Paul Special 100th Anniversary Double Cutaway, Vintage Sunburst

$ 934.77

Gibson wants to celebrate this event by releasing Les Paul axes with a giant load of modern features and tonal treats. In addition, these 2015 releases also feature a Les Paul 100 signature and a cool Les Paul hologram to commemorate the birthday of one of the most influential pioneers in the world of solidbody electric guitars. There is no denying the contribution that Les Paul has made to the game, and your Les Paul Special Double Cut is further proof. Lasting sustain and warm rich tone are what this guitar’s mahogany body is all about. Every note you play will have plenty of emphasis on the lower and middle frequencies, so your sound will maintain a strong depth and dark color throughout your set. The double cut on this axe gives you easy access to those higher frets, and this baby rests comfortably against your front so you can move around the stage or the recording studio with liberating ease.