Gibson Les Paul Smart Wood Exotic 1999

$ 1700.00

This is the Cancharana (con-cha-Ra-na) capped model. This series was produced with eco friendly woods. They were only sold for a few years. These were some of the first guitars being made with sustainable woods. I purchased this guitar brand new In 1999. The only upgrade ever done is I put a DiMarzio locking strap on right after I purchased. It is in fantastic condition. It hasn’t been played in a long time as I’m not an electric player anymore. Hence its very clean nature. I’m strictly a flat picker. It’s been very well kept in a temperature controlled room. It was recently taken to a luthier for a check up and nothing needed to be done. Gibson 490R & 498T humbuckers. I have all the tags it came with and the certificate of authenticity. I ripped the ad pictured at the end out of a magazine back in the day. Comes with a gator HSC