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hard case



SG CUSTOM from the Historic collection made in 2000 is now in stock.

The coloring of this individual is a metallic gold coloring that is rarely seen on the used market. According to the previous owner, it was a limited edition model at the time, but details are unknown. The body has paint chips and cracks all over, the neck has paint cracks along the binding, and other scratches commensurate with its age. As far as I checked here, the POT and pickups seem to be original.

It plays well and there are no problems in using it.

【Main Specifications】

BODY Mahogany

NECK Mahogany

FINGERBOARD Probably ebony.


Neck: straight

Truss rod: plenty of room

Frets remaining: 7.5%

String height: 6th string side 2.00mm 1st string side 2.00mm (above 12F)

Weight: 3.785 kg

Electrical system: No problem

Condition: There are many scratches and dirt, but it is in good playing condition.


6 months

*Valid only within Japan