Gibson Les Paul Recording 1974/75 – Ebony

$ 3200.00

Very cool, rare ebony Gibson Les Paul Recording from 1974/75. The ebony finish is much less common than the walnut and natural finishes. This one appears to be fully stock with minor wear. There is some buckle rash on the back and wear along the bottom of the body. A portion of the control cavity cover has broken below the output jack, but the rest is in good condition. Neck is straight as an arrow with low action. Truss rod is functional. Frets are 30-40% with minor pitting. Decade pot shaft is broken, but the pot is still functional. Will need some strong glue or a replacement. All electronics appear to be functional, but it is hard to tell with the wild number of tone combinations this thing is capable of. This one is marked as a 2nd, but i cant find a reason why. Comes with ohsc with lush purple liner.