Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC with Side-Mounted Input Jack 2019 – 2020 Worn Ebony-UPGRADED

$ 1400.00

Selling this beautiful ebony 2019 Les Paul double cut special. This is an amazing Gibson guitar with superb string action and playability. Mainly due to having a Zero Fret installed along with the String Butler. If you’ve never played a Zero Fret guitar before, you should really try one because it has so many advantages other than tuning stability and super low action, one being the open strummed notes will sound just like the fretted notes because the nut is a fret. Another benefit is that the guitar will stay in tune through any bending and playing, but I also combined it with locking tuners and The String Butler these three items working together make for a rock-solid playing guitar in my opinion. And it plays as silky smooth as a guitar this expensive should play.

Along with those great upgrades comes the specially made and hand-wound P90’s and vintage wiring & CT pots. The P90s were specifically voiced to bring out the original P90 tone of the early 50’s. The Gunstreet wiring harness with volume bleed and CTS pots brings this baby to life!

The P90’s are screwed into the body and not the pick-guard, bringing more resonance and woodiness.

This guitar has had a complete set up including proper truss rod adjustment, polished frets, conditioned fingerboard, and new slinky strings. It has has been well taken care of but because of the thin nitro, it does have minimal signs of wear. Includes a lush carpeted Deluxe leather padded Gibson Les Paul case. $200 value…

Upgrades done to this Les Paul are:
The String Butler (solves typical Les Paul string nut binding issues)
Zero Fret Nut (will include original)
Locking tuners (will include original tuners)
Sunday hand-wound vintage spec P90’s
Gunstreet wiring harness with CTS pots
Volume knob indicators

I will include the original Gibson P90s and wiring harness (Typically sold for individually for $250).

I can also reduce the price by $100 and replace all parts back to original. I can also keep the bag and reduce the price by another $100.

Simply let me know your thoughts via message.