Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Super Relic

$ 3150.00

Hello ‘verbers,
I’m selling this very special RetroVibe® Les Paul that I bought here on Reverb about five years ago. This guitar has served me really well as I have used it as my main guitar for gigging and numerous recording projects since then. If you are an anti-relic evangelist than you’re probably not interested anyway. But I will say unequivocally that of all the Les Pauls I have owned, this sounds the best. I currently have two more Les Pauls and 9 out of 10 times this was the one I chose to record with. It simply sounded the best. 

It should be noted that this relic treatment is more than cosmetic. This is real Nitro-finished, one-of-a-kind custom re-creation of a vintage ’59 Gold Top using a 2012 Standard burst as the platform. Added ‘bumble bee caps, pots, etc. It feels light and ‘woody’ the way older LPs feel. Yes, its relic’d to hell and back in the coolest way and never fails to get a reaction. I’ve had people pick up the guitar at gigs and swear its an ‘old one’. They are completely flabbergasted when I tell them it’s a relic. If you’re gonna play a relic’d guitar, go all the way, am I right?

The truth is this guitar sounds and plays fantastic. The fact that it looks so cool is a bonus.

Here is the description of the features from Retro Vibe® of the listing when I bought it:

Number 16 is a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Super Relic.  Features Include Area 59 PAFs, Aged Nickel Hardware, Aluminum Tailpiece, ABR1 Bridge, Hyper Thin Nitro Lacquer Goldtop Finish, “Bumble Bee” Caps, Nylon Nut, Retro Les Paul Top Carve, complete with Certificate, Hang Tags and Hardshell case.

RetroVibe® Number 16 weighs 8.55lbs and delivers a Neutral Tonal Response making it ideal for all guitar playing applications.  The Area 59 PAFs are 8.55k ohms and 8.13k ohms (bridge/neck) and deliver a clear “vintage” tone that sounds great through any amp.


I think the pickups are phenomenal. Here is a link to pickup description: 


A note about the Nylon nut: According to the guy at Retro Vibe, apparently the nylon nut is consistent with what Gibson was doing in 1959. I had always planned to replace it with a standard plastic or bone nut but I got used to it. The nylon nut certainly has not affected tone in any negative way but I felt I should mention it.

I have all certification tags, a document of authenticity and other case candy that I got when I bought it. It Comes with modern Gibson hard-shell case.

Why am I selling?

The truth is.I just bought a Novo that I need to pay for and I simply don’t need three Les Pauls. I’ve reached that stage in life…gettin’ old sucks. I’m selling two and hanging on to a ’75 Deluxe. The Novo has taken the number 1 spot and I find myself playing more Fender or P-90 style guitars these days. Regardless, I know this is a guitar I will truly miss. Its been kind of a dream guitar. Anyway, I had a blast playing it. …enjoy!