Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Worn Cherry w/HSC

$ 1100.00

Up for sale is a fantastic 2017 Gibson Les Paul Faded T in worn cherry with a Gibson Gear hard shell case. The action is really low, you get a little bit of sizzle, but just crank your amp up! This little gem is a genuine made in America Gibson, beautiful finish and hardly looks played at all. I can’t find anything major and I’d be hard pressed to find any minor blemishes. Very faint scratches from cleaning on the pickguard. That’s about it. Comes from a smoke free environment and pets and kids have been kept away from it. Lightweight, too. Comes in at 7 pounds 8 oz, so it won’t kill your back. Sounds great and plays great. Neck is straight and everything is spot on. You might want to have it set up or adjusted to your personal preferences. Pics show some dust I missed when cleaning it. Only the Gibson Les Paul and Gibson Gear HSC are included in this listing. The stand, the rack, the other guitars, the lamp and picture are not included in this listing.