Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1975 – Wine Red

$ 3350.00

Bought used in 1978, serial number dates it at 1975. The original owner swapped the tuners to grovers, which have been replaced with the ones pictured (gotoh locking tuners). The case is not original, but was purchased with the guitar. The first four frets were replaced in 2016; everything else on the guitar is original. Weight is 9.9lbs, neck is 0.89 at the 1st fret and 1.1 at the 12th. Guitar is setup with 9’s and medium-low action, and plays great. There‘s some slight scratches on the top, with a small scrape between the bridge and the corner of the pickguard (about 1/4in) as well as some more significant scratching on the back. The 4th fret has some slightly chipped binding; I‘ve done my best to photograph all of this, but feel free to message with any questions.