Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1975 Tribute 2018 – Rocket Red

$ 4999.00

They only made 75 of these! 75 red ones and 75 blue ones. That’s hard for me to wrap my head around, like, we are going to do a reissue, and we are only going to produce 75 so that hardly anyone gets to play one, much less own one! it’s such a fine instrument too, as beautiful to behold as my IPhone was able to capture. Not only is it a tribute in that Les Paul Deluxes with their mini humbuckers are the perfect balance between P-90s and full size humbuckers, it’s a tribute in the fact that they didn’t make very many of the original ones in the first place! As it stands only 74 other people on the planet (we just passed 8 billion people on the planet mark) are going to have this same guitar as you. This is one special guitar in every single way, and really needs to land in the hands of someone who is going to keep it and play it for good. It was played once before it came to me, and twice by me, before I decided I’m holding out for one of the original ones. In a sea of bursts and gold tops, I encourage people to get something that stands out! Here is your chance, maybe last chance.


Serial Number: CS *******

Nut Width: 1.69″

1st Fret: 0.81″

12th Fret: 0.93″

Neck Type: 1959 Les Paul

Finger Board: Rosewood

Pickups: Original

Weight: *******


Original Hardshell Case

Gibson Certificate of Authenticity

Gibson Checklist

Case Key

Vintage-style brown control cavity cover