Gibson Les Paul Custom 1985 Black

$ 4500.00

Purchased New in 1985; Description. I bought my
Les Paul Custom guitar brand new Fresno, California.  I am nearly certain that the year I purchased it was 1985, although
I don’t recall exactly (who can remember that far back); the number on
the neck stock between the pegs is 81055827, which I understand means it was
manufactured in 1985. I am not an expert
on this, but I believe this guitar is a solid body, colored factory black and generally
known as a “black beauty.” I also believe
the body material is mahogany and the fretboard is ebony

and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Since I bought the guitar, it has always been
in my possession. I bought the Gibson hard-shell plush-lined case at the same
time; the case displays “Gibson” and is included in the sale,

Use. I played this guitar off-and-on in the late 80’s, and hung up playing
around 1990 or 1991; the guitar hasn’t been played with any frequency since. I
have stored the guitar in my house, in the case, at all times.

Condition:   The guitar is over 35 years old and I wanted to make sure its electronics were in first class shape
before sale; therefore, recently (May, 2022) I had the electronics checked by
Coast-to-Coast Electronics in Fresno, a company experienced in servicing electric guitars. The service included cleaning all electric surfaces and connections,
and verifying that the controls and connections function like new. I also replaced the strings (new) in April,
2022.  There is no
finger erosion or cloudiness in the fretboard; the frets are original, are low
to the fretboard and not worn.   The tuning heads, pick-ups, and volume knobs
are all original and fully fuctional. I bought this guitar because it had a slim neck and low-to-the
fretboard fast action; I don’t believe that has changed in any way.

I have listed the guitar as used, but in “excellent condition.” There are no significant visible scratches or
knicks.  Overall, I believe this is a beautiful
and fantastic vintage (over 35 years old) instrument.

Pictures. The pictures with this listing were taken in May, 2022 (the
white tag on the case is from Coast-to-Coast Electronics).  

My Reasons for Sale. At my age, late 70’s, I am no longer able to
play the guitar with any proficiency, even if I wanted to do so. I hate to part
with this beautiful instrument, but all good things end sometime.