Gibson Les Paul Custom 1973 – Wine Red

$ 9170.42


A very cool Les Paul custom from 1973, as dated by serial. This one is a players guitar which has a newer pickguard with a chrome bracket which has been moved ever so slightly, and the bridge although not gibson, you can get an Gibson ABR one here in Oz for around $100 roughly, bringing it back to original as such.

The guitar is in very nice condition, has a great ebony fretboard with block inlays, the headstock has crazed beautifully and the tuners are original.

Frets are also original as is the stop tail. At the time when this guitar was assembled, which was around 3 years after the serial and the guitar was actually made, the electrics, pots, wiring, pickups and switches were installed, in other words these all date to 1976.

This was not an uncommon occurence and did happen.

So the serial which is really the date of manufacture is still 1973, which does make it pretty cool.

The finish is in the wine red, and still shines but the guitar does have wear etc which can be seen in the pics. The case is a non original one and has plenty of stickers on it, but the case really needs replacing as in ‘now’.

We do have a series 3 chain saw case available at an extra $500 if you want an original Gibson case.

Overall I love this guitar it plays and sounds great as you would expect, it’s priced with regards to the above details and is available now.

Any questions etc please feel free to call me.

Rics Vintage are based in Perth, Australia.