Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom 2011 Gold Top

$ 1999.00

Selling this super interesting piece of Gibson Henry J era history. Please read the description below carefully as well as taking a look at any photos. Please ping me if you have any questions.

Fair (repaired heel joint, from shipping damage – according to previous owner).
Finish checking near pickup selector
Finish checking near control knobs
Dings on treble side back edge (probably from placing down on the floor?)
Truss rod is good, frets are good. Fretboard (BAKED MAPLE) is good.

Weight – a hair over 9lbs
Modifications – Super Distortion in the bridge, DiMarzio PAF in the neck. 50s style wiring / bourne pots.

Case is in good condition (some wear and tear.. all latches work, no funky smells).
Note – this Les Paul has a thin neck profile, similar to those found in the 90s era Les Paul Classics. My rough measurements at the 1st and 12th fret are .75″ & .85″ respectively. Almost a Ibanez/Jackson neck-profile.

I’m willing to ship overseas but please reach out to me first so we can figure out accurate rates.
Again, please note the heel repair and baked maple board.