Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 – Heritage Cherry Burst

$ 1672.02

2015 Les Paul Classic 100th Anniversary Edition: Timeless Tone Meets Modern Versatility


I’m selling my well cared for and maintained Les Paul. A rare gem in the guitar world, this 2015 Les Paul Classic 100th Anniversary Edition is a tribute to a century of guitar-making excellence. It’s not just a musical instrument; it’s a piece of history with unmatched versatility:

Classic Meets Contemporary: Offers the timeless tone Les Pauls are renowned for, enhanced with modern features for unmatched versatility.

Revolutionary Pickup Configuration: Includes a pull switch to transition from rich humbucker warmth to crisp single-coil sounds, catering to a wide range of musical genres.

100th Anniversary Hologram: As part of the 100th Anniversary collection, it features the unique Les Paul hologram logo.

Innovative Automatic Tuners: Ensures quick and precise tuning.

Impeccable Condition: Well-maintained and in excellent shape, reflecting its quality and care.

A Sound Investment: Not only a magnificent instrument but also a valuable asset likely to appreciate over time.