Gibson Les Paul 1960 Custom Shop Honey Burst

$ 6453.23

Fantastic custom shop 1960 Gibson Les Paul Reissue from 2006 in aged Honey Burst, which was a Gibson Custom Shop special order born from a collaboration between the Guitar Centre in USA in 2006 and Gibson Custom Shop to recreate the classic 1960 Gibson Les Paul.

She has a gorgeous neck, amazing pickups and stunning tone. Plays like butter and is just a great Gibson Custom Shop, which is only going to go up in value over the years, in amazing condition too!

The Gibson Les Paul Standard made from 1958 to 1960 is one of the most desirable, and valuable, guitars in the world with vintage values starting at $250,000! The Guitar Center in the USA collaborated with Gibson Custom to offer their customers a stunningly accurate reproduction of this iconic instrument, complete with “Authentic Aged effect”. This stunning and amazing instrument is the result of this collaboration……basically an awesome vintage classic Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul for a fraction of the price.

Check out the specifications and attention to detail painstakingly recreated by Gibson’s finest luthiers for this unique Custom Shop guitar:

  1. Holly Headstock Veneer – Only the Custom Shop uses an actual holly wood veneer. It is literally a thin piece of wood that will resonate better and is more difficult to manufacture (it cracks easily when in the cutting process) than a wood composite veneer, which the factory guitars use. The Gibson inlay is cut into this veneer.
  2. Stroke your fingers over the “Les Paul” logo. Notice how it is silk-screened over the finish, just like it was done in the 50s. Gibson changed this to a decal in the 70s. It is more delicate and can actually be scraped off, and is more expensive to apply.
  3. Accurate Truss Rod Route – Custom Shop Les Pauls have a more rounded route to the end of the truss rod. This allows for easier truss rod adjustment.
  4. Machine Head Placement – The machine heads are placed in a straight line, (not curved), for historical accuracy and feature push in bushings.
  5. Accurate neck profile and inlay shapes – The Custom Shop neck shape is very specific and historically accurate. The flat ’60s slim taper neck is representative of the necks of that era. The inlays also feature sharper points to the corners for historical accuracy.
  6. Thin binding, switch-washer, and jack plate – Once again, it’s all about historical accuracy, however, the thinner jack plate and switch-washer mold themselves to the shape of the body better. All historic LPs from the CS will show just a little bit of the maple top in the cutaway because Gibson use binding that is the same width throughout. The thin binding on the neck, the difference apparent when viewing the neck straight on, is more difficult to apply.
  7. Long Neck Tenon – Creating sound is all about resonance. Using a long and fatter neck tenon without any filler in the joint ensures that the neck and body fit together as tightly as possible and resonate as a single piece of wood. The neck joint actually extends to a point under the rhythm pickup on this Custom Shop guitar.
  8. Unique Top Carve – The carve on our ‘60 Les Paul is flatter through the center, just like the originals. This allows the pickups, bridge and tailpiece to be on the same plane and allows the bridge and tailpiece to be mounted closer to the body. Having these items closer to the body allows more of the strings’ vibration to be translated into resonance in the body.
  9. Body – The best, lightest mahogany with the least imperfections is another specification of the GC ’60 Les Paul.
  10. Tailpiece – We specified an aluminum lightweight tailpiece which was machined and accurately reproduced from the original 50s spec. It also has a slight ridge on the top, and retails for $200 alone.
  11. Pickups – This historic Reissue uses Gibson’s legendary Burstbucker pickups – Burstbucker 1 (rhythm) and Burstbucker 2 (treble), both of which are potted.
  12. Body Routing – The wire routing to the pickup cavity is actually smaller (more wood means more tone), and historically accurate.
  13. Bridge – The ABR1 bridge supports are screwed directly into the top as per the originals.
  14. Finish – The GC ’60 Les Paul features a thinner finish and uses the purest form of Nitrocellulose that is available. The finish is then worn to a vintage patina by hand to make it indistinguishable from a well cared for, 45 year old guitar. Gibson call’s this process “Authentic Aged”, and is yet another feature of this incredible instrument.
  15. A Custom Shop hard-shell case and Certificate of Authenticity is included to protect your investment.

Serial number = G0 6272.

This is just a sensational Gibson Custom Shop Guitar – basically a classic vintage 1960 Gibson for a fraction of the price…..absolutely awesome Les Paul guitar!