Gibson L6-S, S-1, Marauder 1970’s – Natural

$ 9000.00

Here is my collection of 4 Gibson guitars, for sale. They are L6S (1973 natural), L6S (1981 black), Marauder (1976), S-1 (1977). All models were designed by Bill Lawrence. All high-powered electronics are original and in proper playing order. The model with the most wear is the S-1. The S-1 has buckle rash (the body is really dense and heavy. Although the buckle rash is there, the exposed wood is smooth with NO dents. The wood might Ash or Maple), a replaced tuning peg (the previous owner changed to a plastic button and some rust at harmonica bridge and neck plate (most probably from sweat). The frets are in really good shape on all 4 guitars.

Info on the natural L6S: This 50-year-old guitar has all the original Bill Lawrence electronics, high output Super Humbucking pickups, 6 position rotary switch etc.
Position 1 Both pickups, in series, in phase (wiring in series results in a bit more high-end).
Position 2 Activates the front pickup only.
Position 3 Activates both pickups in a parallel, in phase configuration.
Position 4 Activates both pickups, parallel out of phase.
Position 5 Activates the back pickup only for the maximum in treble response.
Position 6 Activates both pickups in series out of phase.
MASTER VOLUME CONTROL The master volume control regulates the signal output of both pickups.
MIDRANGE CONTROL To add midrange response, turn the control clockwise. Position 10 will offer maximum midrange response.
TONE CONTROL The tone control regulates the treble and bass tones. Position 10 will offer maximum treble response. Position 0 will offer minimum response.

A well-preserved, all-original example of a 1973 Gibson L-6S Custom in great condition. Pleasantly lightweight and sounds great fitted with its’ original Tarback pickups. The real appeal of this design is the Maple fingerboard and the 6-position switch which offers a distinct tonal character that pushes it slightly out of the Gibson realm into Strat/Tele territory with a variety of series/phase/parallel options at the flick of the switch. A rare and versatile workhorse for the discerning player or collector. Almost no fret wear and No wear on the fingerboard. A small amount of checking. The serial number is difficult to see due to a “soft” pressing. However, the numbers on the pots confirm it is 1973 (as in pix). Built at the Kalamazoo plant.

The Original Hard Shell Case has protected this guitar very well for 50 years! All latches work well. The handle broke off long ago and has extension cord wire in its place. The inside of the case is in good condition considering the age. The outside is beat-up a bit. All pix have circles around the defects. However, there is NO splitting of the case.

Gibson L6-S specifications L6-S Custom Available 1973-81 (possibly later) Pickups Two chrome-covered super humbuckers (parts 13682, front; 13683, back) Scale 24 3/4″ Body Maple. 13 1/2″ wide (lower bout), 16 1/2″ long, 1 1/4″ thick Neck Set maple neck, with maple, rosewood, or ebony fingerboard. 24 frets. Dot markers (a few early examples have block markers) Width at nut 1 9/16″ Hardware Volume, midrange and ‘treble roll-off’ controls. 6 position pickup selector switch. Wide-travel (harmonica) tune-o-matic bridge, with stop-bar tailpiece.

Info on the black L6S: Here is a 1981 Gibson L6-S. It is the last year of production. This vintage guitar is 43 years old! It’s in great shape and all original condition. There are some scratches and dings as you would expect from a guitar of this age. This model is of a very few Gibson models that Bill Lawrence designed. The original hardshell case is also in fine condition. All the latches work. the spring latch is a bit wonky.

L6-S Custom available 1973-81. Pickups Two chrome-covered super humbuckers (parts 13682, front; 13683, back) Scale 24 3/4″ Body Maple. 13 1/2″ wide (lower bout), 16 1/2″ long, 1 1/4″ thick Neck Set maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard. 24 frets. Dot markers Width at nut 1 9/16″ Hardware Volume, midrange and ‘treble roll-off’ controls. 6 position pickup selector switch. Wide-travel (harmonica) tune-o-matic bridge, with stop-bar tailpiece.

Info on the Marauder:  Bill Lawrence Humbucker (neck), Bill Lawrence Blade Noiseless Single coil (bridge). Both pickups are set in epoxy.

Info on the S-1: The body of the S-1 is similar to the Marauder. It was made of a solid Les Paul Jr-like body with a maple Flying V neck bolted on. It has Schaller made “Harmonica” style tune-o-matic bridge and the standard Gibson stop tailpiece.

The S-1 is unique in its elaborate electronics and wiring. It features three “see-thru” (set in epoxy) single-coil pickups designed by Bill Lawrence, which could be used together to generate humbucking sounds. The pickups are controlled by a combination of a toggle switch and a “chicken head” rotary switch. The rotary switch has four positions which allows different selections of pickup combinations: 1) neck middle, 2), middle bridge 3) all three together, and 4) neck and bridge out of phase. The toggle switch bypassed the entire 4 position rotary switch circuit and made one straight connection to the bridge pick-up. The original hang tags, electronics instructions and warranty card are in the case.

ALL 4 GUITARS COME WITH THE ORIGINAL CASES. The Marauder, S-1 and black L6S cases are in great condition. All latches work great, and the handles are in good condition. The oldest, the 1973 natural L6S case is a bit rough. All latches work fine but the handle is long gone. It was replaced with extension cord wire many years ago.

There are many more pictures available. Reverb allows only 25 per listing. I AM OPEN TO THE IDEA OF SPLITTING UP THE COLLECTION OF 4 GUITARS.