Gibson L6-S Custom 1973 Natural Block Inlays and HSC

$ 2100.00

1973 Gibson L6-S Custom Natural, Maple Fingerboard, 6 position pickup selector, master volume, mid-range, and treble control knobs, Bill Lawrence designed super-humbuckers, extremely rare rectangular MOP/celluloid fretboard inlays.

This was Gibson’s first 24 fret guitar, and coupled with the SG-thin body and wide cutaway, it has outstanding upper fret access. The solid maple body and neck are very well balanced (compared to, say, an SG). The neck width at the nut is

1-9/16ths, but tapers out to very common widths by about the 12th fret. The nut width is also common on SGs from that era.

The six-position selector switch offers the following pickup options:

  1.     Both pickups, in series
  2.     Neck pickup, alone
  3.     Both pickups, in parallel
  4.     Both pickups, parallel out of phase, with the neck pickup’s bass response restricted through a series capacitor.
  5.     Bridge pickup, alone
  6.     Both pickups, series out of phase.

The capacitor in the #4 position gives a fuller tone than the otherwise very nasal out of phase tone.

Note: This guitar is one of the very few early models to feature the rectangular mother of pearl/ celluloid inlays rather than dots. Check the other L6-S guitars available on Reverb or eBay and you’ll see what I mean. A reputable guitar podcast claims that the rectangular inlays were limited to the first 200 models in 1973; I cannot independently verify that, (I’m trying and have inquiries out to Gibson, but the Gibson folks apparently have other priorities than confirming my Reverb listing. Imagine that!) but I know they’re extremely rare and this is the first model with rectangular inlays I’ve seen since the early 1970s.

If Gibson responds, I’ll revise this listing to include their findings and adjust the price accordingly.

Again, a quick search of online sale sites confirms that finding an L6-S with rectangular inlays is nearly impossible.

This guitar is a dream to play: the neck is simply my favorite of all the guitars I’ve owned since 1973, which is quite a few. I appreciate the vast palette of tone options offered by the 6 position pickup selector switch. I suspect it’s a collectors dream, as well (especially with the extremely rare rectangular neck inlays). I am parting with it simply because I rarely play it and want room for more gear. It has been well cared for and had never been gigged.

Addendum: I purchased this guitar used in 2021. One of the previous owners had changed the 6 way pickup selector to a standard Les Paul type 3 position switch; and the owner whom I purchased it from had it returned to the original configuration, work done by Wade’s Guitar, premier guitar shop in Milwaukee WI.

Additionally, the previous owner switched out the original tuners for Grovers, but switched them back to Schallers, see photo. They work beautifully.

I do not have the OHSC, but will include a like new Fender HSC that fits it perfectly.

Send requests for more photos if you would like see more of the guitar.

Has had professional set up recently and is tuned to D standard with 11 gauge DiAdario XLs.