Gibson L-5CES 1968

$ 18000.00

The holy grail of jazz guitar.
It’s too bad to sell, but due to personal reasons, we had to sell it. It’s my most favorite guitar.
It’s in a excellent condition. Can’t belive it is from 1968s. So clean. It has a gorgeours top and weather check… It takes my breath away.
There’s no pickguard, one knob and pickup ring has replaced. Except this, its all original and in perfect condition.
Sound of this guitar? Be beyound description.
It has a Warm, touching, deep… I can’t explain it with any modifier.
There’s a little dent on body, next of f-hall.
I never saw a better jazz guitar than this.
I don’t want sell this guitar earnestly.
But i’m almost broke now…so im sad that i have to sell this guitar.
It’s a guitar that I really cherish and love, so I’m in good condition because I controlled humidity and took care of it well.
I hope someone who loves and cares about the guitar buys it.

Local pickup in south korea. For another country, i’ll send it thorugh fedex or ems. I’ll wrap it very carefully with it’s own original gibson hard case.
If you wanna know more info of this guitar, message to me.
And if you are not live in korea but wanna buy this, pls message to me. There will need some adjustment.

Thank you.