Gibson Howard Roberts Custom 1973 – 1981

$ 3499.99

Here we have a Gibson Howard Roberts Custom guitar from the 70s. This is a very rare guitar with a beautiful deep rich tone with a very clear high end to it. Perfect for jazz! The guitar is in very nice condition for its age. The bridge has been changed for an ab1 styled bridge which ensures perfect intonation and playability. Other than this everything on the guitar is original. The pickup has a bit of oxidation which can be seen in the photos, seems to be typical for the pickup to oxidize on these guitars based off viewing other examples online. The only blemishes I could find on the guitar are a few surface blemishes located on the back of the neck which can also be seen on the photos. I polished up the frets to the best of my ability before making this post and the guitar is playing wonderfully. Comes with its original case which is in very nice condition.

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